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Self-conception of the Muslim lawyer’s association “Forum Recht & Islam (Forum: Law & Islam)”

The idea to conceive a Muslim lawyer’s association, the Forum: Law & Islam (FRI) sprang from the midst of the Muslim legal community in Frankfurt am Main. The community lacked such an organization which would take up relevant societal issues which dealt with law and religion. The Forum: Law & Islam was born out of these motivations in November 2014 in the city of Frankfurt am Main.  

The Forum aims to throw light on jurisprudential topics relevant to Muslims through organizing conferences and talks on these issues. In addition to that, academic exchanges between students, legal trainees, scholars and interns interested in religion and law are promoted. Presentations and informative events are also organized for the public to promote the understanding of issues at the interface of law and Islam. This would achieve an overall understanding and tolerance between different groups and religions in society as well as within the legal community. The Forum sees itself not only as a mouthpiece for Muslims within this context but, more importantly, as a critical platform for the discussion about laws, legislative projects and human rights with reference to religion and peaceful coexistence.  

Mission purpose

The non-profit nature of this association can be found in Article 2 of its charter: 

  1. The purpose of this association is the promotion of knowledge and research as well as the education of citizens interested in the law and Islam. 
  2. The purpose of the charter realizes itself through the following measures/activities done at the interface between law and Islam: 
  • Developing scientific texts and publishing them, 
  • Promotion and support of scientific projects, 
  • Holding public meetings, panel discussions and talks to communicate the scientifically gained knowledge to the general public, 
  • Holding informative events for the judiciary, the administration, the legal profession and teaching, 
  • Holding informative events for schoolchildren interested in law, law students or students with a special interest in law as well as legal trainees to prepare them for their studies, legal traineeship or professional life. 

What FRI is not

The Forum Recht & Islam does not concern itself with theological or Islamic studies issues. Although topics from religion studies may be relevant in jurisprudential debates, these are evaluated by external reviewers. We refer to these expert opinions when assessing the extent to which specific conduct is encompassed by the right to freedom of religion under Article 4 of the German Basic Law or not.  

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